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Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

No one knows your business better than you. That’s why, at KEVN, before we pitch any type of digital marketing campaign, we listen.

Once we understand your business and your marketing goals, we research and strategize to identify the digital solutions that are best suited for your needs. Then, our experienced and highly trained digital specialists build and execute campaigns that will exceed expectations.

But we don’t stop there.

Our team of experts measure your campaign’s performance, report results, and optimize the campaign based on those results and your feedback. If a particular strategy isn’t working, we’ll find one that will.

The Customer Journey Connect with your customers & your future customers

We Provide Digital Solutions for Every Stage of the Customer Journey

At KEVN, we align your goals with full-funnel solutions that are built to grow your business.

We design a customized marketing plan with the right mix of digital products tailored to your specific needs.

KEVN Marketing Solutions

Build Awareness Local News Sites & Apps

Inform and engage qualified, local users through high-impact advertising served on KEVN’s trusted news and weather outlets.

  • Benefit by pairing commercials on KEVN with digital ads on our digital platforms for long-term branding.
  • Build trust while getting the frequency needed to increase brand recall with a well-informed audience.

Build Awareness Premion OTT

Reach potential customers while they view the most sought-after long-form video content on streaming devices – live and on-demand.

  • Dominate the streaming space with Premion, the industry-leading premium OTT advertising platform that has direct relationships with 125+ trusted and brand-safe publishers.
  • Combine this with unique targeting capabilities to deliver your story to the most relevant audiences. And with website attribution tracking, learn how many visitors went to your website after viewing your spot.

Build Awareness Targeted Display & Video

Build brand awareness with display ads and video pre-roll ads based on users’ behavior, interests, and location. Reach the right people in the right places at the right time.

  • Deliver ads across all devices to custom local audiences on 99% of the internet’s ad-servable inventory.
  • Cast a net over potential customers who fall within geographic parameter, have walked into a competitor location, searched topics related to your business, or have been to your website.

Spark Interest & Consideration Targeted Email

Reach customers directly in their inbox with compelling, professional creatives. Deliver your sends with intricate selections based on geography, demographics, interests, and more.

  • Access your targeted audience and build a loyal consumer base outside of your existing email list.
  • Think of email marketing as a new and improved version of direct mail. You’ll save on costs and enjoy a higher conversion rate.

Spark Interest & Consideration Paid Social Media

Drive engagement by precisely targeting your audience on Facebook and Instagram. From targeted reach to driving leads, the world’s top social media platforms deliver results.

  • Communicate directly with clients through comments, messages, reactions, and more, providing instant feedback of how your ads are resonating with the target audience.
  • Use paid social as a powerful lead generation tool, asking users to take a specific action that signals their interest in making a transaction, such as a purchase on your website.

Spark Interest & Consideration YouTube Advertising

Tap into YouTube’s 2 billion monthly users with data-driven targeting tactics that allow your video ads to be shown in full to maximize your budget.

  • Use short video ads, blended with traditional-length commercials, to reach more customers and increase awareness about your brand with memorable messages that are particularly effective on mobile.
  • Deliver your message to a custom audience, enjoy a high video completion rate, and boost your rank on Google.

Spark Interest & Consideration Native Advertising

Promote your product or service with native articles that give users the same experience they would receive while consuming a news story or other content on websites across the internet.

  • Insert your brand and advertising message within editorial feeds of premium websites to create engagement and drive consideration.
  • Consider this a perfect solution if you have a powerful brand story that’s relevant to the community.

Drive Conversions SEM / Paid Search

Find new customers and drive conversions with strategic, targeted search engine ads. Reach potential customers the moment they search for your products of services.

  • Target individuals who are ready to buy a product that you sell or a service that you offer with a 100% lead-focused campaign.
  • Get maximum exposure with paid search, with over 80% of conversions and clicks going to the top three ad positions on Google.

Drive Conversions SEO

Make your site easier to find online with Search Engine Optimization. Organic online prominence is an ongoing process and a fundamental piece to increasing online visibility.

  • Rank higher in Google searches and drive more relevant and frequent traffic to your website because it’s user-friendly and optimized.
  • Gain credibility within your industry with engaging content that can be shared and used for information searches, as well as reputation monitoring and management.

Drive Conversions Landing Pages

Maximize your campaign’s call to action by driving an engaged audience to a custom page built specifically to increase trackable conversions and form fills.

  • Increase conversions from your paid search, paid social, and other digital campaigns with a simple, eye-catching landing page that’s independent of your website.
  • Choose elements and calls to action that are tailored to generate leads and drive conversions to your business.
Video Production Design & Services We create. We innovate. We bring your message to life!
Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

It’s critical to connect with consumers on an emotional level and answer a need. Your advertising creative – whether it’s a commercial, display ad, or email – must tell a powerful, but simple story.

KEVN offers professional video production services in all our markets to ensure your commercials get noticed, whether in the broadcast or digital space.

KEVN also has an amazing digital design team to produce the perfect visual elements for your campaigns, allowing your messages to come to life.

Unrivaled Reporting for Digital & Broadcast Campaigns We provide the metrics that matter!

This isn’t your typical analytics report. The live dynamic dashboard allows you to visualize the performance of your digital campaigns 24/7, giving you the story behind the data.

The state-of-the-art tool delivers the reporting transparency and trust that you deserve and allows our team to optimize campaigns based on results.

Get an unparalleled level of broadcast marketing data with our in-house Edge™ Broadcast Attribution Dashboard. This milestone technology shows the impact that your television campaigns have on driving viewers to your website.

Learn what creatives, programs, schedules, and days of the week are working best.

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